The significance of compression garments for lymphedema


If you are suffering from Lymphedema, you should treat it earliest. Else it could make things worse for you. In this regard, you should be considering going for compression treatment.

What is compression treatment?

Compression treatment is known to be such a useful treatment that diminishes swelling caused by lymph fluid build-up. This is to put pressure on the swelling area. This pressure requires to be firm and even on the tissue area. Various ways of applying compression are there, such as garments and bandaging. There is the ultimate importance of compression garments for lymphedema that you must know.

The pressure of compression is to help trap lymph fluid in flowing through lymph vessels. Compressing a bandage or garment acts as an additional force for muscles to work against. It helps fluid is draining out of the affected region properly.

Compression garments

Some so many people use compression garments for lymphedema. The compression garment is to stop and prevent lymphedema from getting worse. It is there to reduce mild swelling. You are generally supposed to use multi-layered bandaging as per the advice and recommendations of an expert doctor. There are different kinds of compression garments that you are to use.

Regarding using such compression garments, you need to follow some guidelines. First of all, it should cover the entire region of swelling. But it should be such that you can move freely. The compression should not have any loose or baggy areas. It would be best if you were comfortable wearing the compression.

Moreover, it is also important for you to replace the compression garments every 4-6 months because they generally lose shape due to washing and wearing. On the other hand, you should only wear these garments during the day and take them out at night. Then the next morning you have to wear them again.

Keep the garments in a good condition

It is ideal to have two compression garments to wear while washing the other. It is also essential to properly follow washing instructions while using a mild washing liquid or powder. After washing, you have to dry the garment flat away from direct sunlight or heat.

Different garments for different body parts

You need to wear different compression garments for different body parts for effectiveness and positive results. The type of garments you should wear should vary depending on the region of lymphedema and its severity. Nevertheless, consulting a professional doctor beforehand is important.

Garments for leg or arm lymphedema

You need to wear stockings or sleeves in such a way so that you can take them off with relative ease. It is important to keep your skin dry and clean. It is better to wear rubber gloves so that there is to be no snagging. You can also fold compression garments back on themselves to the level of wrist or ankle. It is also important to smooth the said garment to ensure that there are no wrinkles.

Compression wrap system

Your lymphedema specialist may also recommend you using a useful compression wrap system as per your need. It will surely diminish the swelling in the best way possible. This kind of wrap system is basically made up of the overlapping single layers of the fabric bands.

There are to velcro fasteners using which you can fasten it. Wearing a fabric liner is to protect your skin underneath of the system. This wrap system works in the same manner as that of compression bandaging or garments. But it is just easier to wear and take off. It would be best if you did proper research beforehand.