5 Reasons You Should Wear a Mask to Lower Risk


The impact of coronavirus has created a huge loss to the country’s economy and people in the country. Many businesses lost their customers, families lost their loved ones, and the country’s economy is going down. We need to find better ways to reduce the spreading of coronavirus. Many doctors and healthcare experts have suggested that we should wear a mask and should follow the guidance of social distancing to prevent the spread of the infected virus from one person to another.

Here are five reasons you should wear a mask to lower the risk:

You may not realize you are contagious:

Well, earlier when the COVID-19 was just started then only people who are infected we recommended to wear a mask. But as the COVID-19 spread rapidly, more and more people got infected. With medical research, experts noticed that a person can transfer the infected coronavirus even if they do not show any symptoms. This was a really scary thing to hear out. Also, it is found that asymptomatic people are prone to transfer the viral infection to others, so wearing a mask is crucial even if you are not infected with the virus. This will prevent you and others from spreading the virus.

Mask protects other people:

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly and infecting a lot of people. The main reason for its spread is due to the transmission of respiratory droplets that can be produced when a person talks, sneezes, or coughs. A mask can create a barrier that will prevent you from breathing the infected virus that comes along with the air. This means wearing a mask will protect you from an infected person and it will also protect others by reducing the transmission of the infected virus.

Mask can protect you, as well:

The best thing about the mask is, if everyone wears the mask then it will reduce the transmission of the virus from one person to another. When the circulation of the infected virus decreases, less will get affected by it including yourself.

Mask may help in improving the economy:

It’s true that just a mask cannot help in improving the economy of a country but if everyone wears the mask regularly then it will reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection and the government will remove the lockdown. Due to lockdown, many businesses have faced a rapid loss in their sales and growth. This can be heartbreaking. If the spread slows down then people can go out for their job and this can help the country to boost its economy.

Some other alternatives are also available:

Just wearing a mask will not prevent you from the spread of COVID-19, you need to maintain social distancing and practice regular hand washing to prevent yourself from the impact of coronavirus.

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