5 Ways On How New Mothers Can Easily Practice Self-Care

When you’re a new mom, it’s only natural to feel that you must give your attention to your child. However, as this stage becomes overwhelming over time, postnatal care among Singapore mothers gets forgotten. Self-care might be even more challenging if you need to keep everything together for your family. To help you keep up with the life changes you are experiencing, here are some ways you can take care of yourself.

1. Make the time of exercises

Most mothers who experience divarication of recti often do diastasis recti exercises to strengthen their core. It can also be beneficial to keep you healthy both physically and mentally.

2. Monitor what you eat

Mothers who are struggling to adapt may find themselves stress eating. However, oily and fried foods may affect conditions like urinary incontinence among Singapore new mothers. It’s best to break from drinking soda and consider drinking more water. It’s also wise to plan out your weekly fridge contents to prepare healthful, time-saving meals.

3. Prioritise your sleep

Although this can be hard for the first few months of childbirth, you should make an effort to try to take short naps and not cut back to sleep. It is included in postnatal care in Singapore since lack of sleep may result in restlessness and the risk of depression.

4. Take up a new activity that interests you

Finding an activity you love is a great way to take care of yourself and give yourself some much-needed me-time. Doing minimal physical activities like dancing or playing sports may help lose your post partum belly.

5. Plan health visits

Do not neglect your health any more than you would your children’s regular checkups. Like your baby, you also deserve to see a postnatal care centre in Singapore. They can help assess your body for any problem such as divarication of recti or urinary incontinence. Have a full body assessment at a postnatal care centre in Singapore like Orchard Clinic! Practice self-care and experience non-surgical, fast and effective treatments. Contact them today!