All That You Want To Know About Teeth Whitening Strips


Many of you must be thinking of your teeth whitening but perhaps do not know from where to start. However, there are different options available that will relatively not be so expensive too.

You can find a number of over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions from crest teeth whitening strips or gels to a few more expensive treatments in-office. In this small article, we shall discuss teeth whitening strips and also why you should not give them one try.

However, before you start making use of any UK teeth whitening strips, it is advisable to discuss with your dentist, since these teeth whitening strips may not be very effective on your fillings, caps, veneers, crowns, or any brown teeth. Always buy these strips from trusted brands like Crest 3D White, as they are tested for complete safety.

How these whitening strips work?

There are a few drinks like cola, red wine, tea, and coffee that can always stain your teeth. Even a few medications, tobacco products, and genetic factors may also contribute to some extent to your teeth’ discolouration.

Generally, these stains get slowly build up in your outer levels of tooth enamel. Whitening strips like crest whitening strips may contain certain active ingredients like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, and a very fine layer will stick to a certain bendy plastic strip that will fit across the teeth.

To remove the stains that are lying deep within your teeth, it will be penetrated by the bleaching agent in your tooth enamel, surface stains, and dentin that is the bony tissue lie under the enamel. Generally, whitening strips will be used either once or twice during each day for a maximum of up to 2 weeks.


The effectiveness of these teeth whitening strips will depend on your original conditions of stains and their natural colour. The stains developed due to your lifestyle can also be removed. However, any stains due to any health issues or any medications may not be removed.

You can see the results within a week and using more advanced versions will offer results within 3 days. Your whiteness will retain for 6 months. Avoid those drinks and foods that stain your teeth and regularly brush with toothpaste.


You can buy these strops from any store and will not cost too high. A one-week kit may cost you around $15 – $30. Few professional strips can be a little stronger and may cost a little high too. This is a much affordable option as compared to laser treatment.

Ease of Use

You can very easily use these whitening strips. Only difficult thing is to remember using them. You can get strips for upper and lower rows. Just place them for half an hour on the front teeth as per instruction.

Side Effects

Your teeth may develop sensitivity with prolonged use however, it is safe for adults. Pregnant women and young children must consult their doctor first before using them.

For brightening up your smile, these whitening strips are the ideal choice for you. You can easily use them and they are quite easily affordable too. Talk to your dentist today!