Chiropractors effectively treat vertigo, MENIERE’s disease, and drowsiness.


For most people, dizziness and vertigo are mild, transient illnesses, but for some, such as those with Meniere’s Disease, maintaining balance and mental clarity is a daily struggle. A sense that the world is spinning is a defining feature of Meniere’s disease. In addition, the illness is frequently brought on by an issue with the inner ear, which may result from trauma or injury. On the other hand, vertigo and a sense of being unsteady are frequently associated with head and neck trauma. However, they can also result from issues with the inner ear.

The good news is that it has been demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments effectively treat Meniere’s disease!

How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Reduce Dizziness Symptoms

Dizziness and vertigo can be reduced or eliminated with chiropractic adjustments that correct spinal subluxations and restore nervous system pathways. In contrast, neck and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) adjustments effectively ease Meniere’s symptoms.

  • Restore the spinal fluid’s normal flow. Subluxations can result in irregular cerebral spinal fluid flow, which can lead to fluid accumulation in the inner ear, creating pressure and disrupting the delicate equilibrium of the ear. Dizziness and even Meniere’s Disease can result from this pressure. Chiropractic therapy can help the spine’s spinal fluid flow return to normal, preventing fluid buildup, restoring inner ear balance, and minimising vertigo and nausea.
  • Return the nervous system’s communication to normal. The jaw, neck, and spine can be properly moved and function again by chiropractic manipulation of the joints and subluxations, restoring the standard bodily and neurological connection. Dizziness and vertigo have been linked to misunderstandings about how the body should move and position. It can be sufficient to remove barriers to communication to treat symptoms.

Whole-health advantages are provided by chiropractic care.

In addition to the physical changes they can bring about, chiropractors are a gold mine of health knowledge. Vertigo and dizziness can occasionally be linked to health issues like poor diet, excessive caffeine use, drugs, or even anxiety and stress. Since chiropractors treat the whole person rather than just the area of complaint, they can be an excellent resource for assisting you in identifying your triggers, forming daily routines that can lessen symptoms, and experimenting with alternative treatments like meditation, exercise, or relaxation methods. Simple lifestyle modifications combined with adjustments can be sufficient to provide you with long-term relief.