Common Dental Issues In Children.


Springfield, which is located in the center of the state, offers a diverse and vibrant community. However, as much as it is beautiful and full of scenic views, certain concerns remain paramount. For instance, children who play outside and indulge in various activities may end up having sweets from a local shop daily. This can affect their teeth. 

From cavity to malocclusion, the complexities can increase if the parents do not pay attention to their children’s dental health. Children must go for routine checkups and ensure that their teeth are in healthy condition. Consulting a family dentist in Springfield for oral health care is beneficial in detecting any problem early on. 

Here are some common dental issues in children –

  • Development of cavities in children.

The most common issue in Springfield is cavities among children. Children tend to consume sugary food and drink a lot. This can lead to cavities in their teeth. If not given proper care, the problem can escalate and lead to further infection or even tooth loss. Children should brush their teeth daily and go for routine dental checkups. 

  • Gum-related problems are also prevalent. 

It is seen that bleeding gums or inflammation is also common among children. This is called gingivitis, it is a gum disease that affects your gums because of poor dental hygiene. Children must understand the importance of brushing and flossing regularly. Moreover, they should visit the dentist for timely cleaning. This is going to help manage the disease and in preventing it. 

  • Misalignment of teeth in children.

It is also called malocclusion, which is characterized by misaligned teeth and incorrect positioning. It usually happens due to genetic factors, or if a child had a habit of sucking their thumb, or if he lost his primary tooth or teeth early on. Getting Invisalign or aligners can help provide confidence to children without being extra conscious of how their teeth look. Braces are another option that uses metal wiring to bring teeth closer and maintain alignment among teeth. 

  • Bottle feeding, in the case of toddlers, leads to decay.

Bottle Feeding for a long duration daily can lead to tooth decay in infants or toddlers. You must use an alternative at night while putting the baby to sleep instead of giving them a bottle. Children must know the importance of maintaining oral hygiene from an early age. This will make them habitual as they grow up. 

  • Getting dental trauma from injuries.

Children engaging in various sports activities can get their teeth knocked out or can get chipped teeth. This may create further problems for them and result in dental trauma. They must seek dental care as soon as possible in such cases. Children can wear protective gear while engaging in sports to protect themselves from any injuries. Parents should tell their children about the things they should do if they get into an accident resulting in tooth damage. 

Seeking dental health is important!

Children at an early age are susceptible to getting into various troubles. If their parents do not pay attention to these things, the complexities may continue to rise in the future. Seeking help from a specialized dentist in Springfield can provide you with different options and ensure a healthy oral routine.