Do right by the body while fasting.


When people fast for long periods, their bodies get deprived of essential vitamins and minerals. This has a devastating effect on health in the long run. Therefore it becomes necessary to take natural fasting supplements. Foods containing electrolytes must be taken to regulate the glucose level in the body.

A person needs to exercise and adhere to a diet plan in the modern world, where everyone is concerned about their bodies and health. Exercise only burns calories; it has no positive effect on muscle recovery. A person must adhere to a weight loss food plan to prevent cramping and post-workout stress.

The terms weight loss and fasting are used interchangeably.

Starving yourself is not a part of a diet plan. Many people believe that the only way to lose weight is through starvation. Instead, this has a detrimental impact. When the body adjusts to fasting, it becomes incapable of consuming any meal that makes you feel full. It causes severe side effects like vomiting, digestive issues, and rapid weight gain.

Importance of a natural fasting supplement

Choosing foods high in fibre and low in calories while dieting is a better option than filling your stomach. A healthy snack like a fruit or vegetable salad will fill you up. The only drawback is that few protein shakes are heavy in calories.

High protein and fibre supplements are ideal during fasting.

Apple cider vinegar

It is the best friend for people trying to be on an intermittent fast. Although it does not contain any minerals, it offers many benefits:

  • During fasting, the stomach releases a lot of acids. Apple cider vinegar helps to decrease the number of acids as it is a base. It neutralises the acidic effect and keeps the stomach cool. Thus, it helps in balancing the PH levels.
  • It helps the body to maintain blood sugar levels.
  • It boosts the production of good bacteria and eliminates the bad ones.
  • It also helps in keeping the person full for a long period. People crave food not because they are hungry but because they feel bored.

Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with hot water and consumed in the morning. This has many health benefits, too, apart from weight loss.


Though it is not precisely a supplement, it dramatically helps suppress hunger.

  • This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing acidity in the stomach.
  • It also kills harmful bacteria and promotes blood flow. This is very important for successful fasting.
  • It works as an antidepressant. This is very important during fasting as most of the time, people feel depressed and crave food since they cannot eat properly.

Natural Himalayan pink salt

Replacing regular salt with pink salts can prove to be very beneficial.

  • It regulates the blood flow in the body. This is especially important to maintain and continue with the fasting process.
  • Drinking hot water mixed with pink salt helps digestion and clears dirt from the body.
  • It also allows the body to extract vital minerals and vitamins from the little food one consumes.
  • The process of assimilation becomes more efficient and effective.

Few tips to follow while fasting or consuming less

Reduce the number of carbohydrates consumed. Breakfast with lots of calories keeps one satiated until lunch. As the day goes on, the number of calories ingested must decrease. Dinner should have the fewest calories and carbohydrates of the day. This will result in a person being active all day long. Therefore, eating a breakfast high in calories gives you energy and is easily absorbed.