Fresh Marijuana Seeds, Sounds Interesting? Here’s How To Keep Them That Way


It is indeed a challenge to keep marijuana seeds fresh. Every grower desires to cultivate cannabis in its fresh and organic form. But the fact remains that cannabis can degrade over time if left unpreserved in its elemental form. 

If you’re growing cannabis, you should always prefer the best quality seeds with complete freshness to proceed. If you buy seeds from a reputed cannabis supplier in the market like, you may end up with a whole packet or jar of fresh seeds. 

However, you may actually use only a few seeds with a bunch of unused ones left remaining. “What to do with those seeds then?” you may ask. Wasting or dumping them would be a waste of money, especially if you want to preserve them for future cultivation needs.

Over the decades, many growers have looked for various methods and ways to store and preserve their cannabis and come up with great solutions indeed. 

In this guide, we have presented all the tips and ways to keep your marijuana seeds fresh until your next harvest season. So, let’s dive into this guide. 


Why Keep Your Marijuana Seeds Fresh?

If you want to best utilize the money spent on cannabis seeds, then store and preserve the unused ones in their best quality for months, if not years. 

If you are a grower from a place with harsh climates, you certainly won’t wish the pricy seeds to be attacked by molds or be damaged otherwise. This is why proper storage is crucial for retaining the freshness of your marijuana seeds. 

Cannabis is like wine. The better the storage, the better will be the potency and taste of the buds. Proper storage will help you avoid heat, damp and light effects on the seeds.

Tips To Keep Your Marijuana Seeds Fresh 


1. Avoiding Light for Your Cannabis Seeds 

Reports from the US National Library of Medicine say that light degrades the freshness of cannabis seeds quickly if left unused. 


Whoa! Now, that’s some news! 

You must store your cannabis seeds in a dark place with no contact with light. Choose the darkest spot in a cupboard in your house, or wrap a cloth around the jar if you want. You can also choose to store them in storage boxes if you want. 

You can also look to keep them in a freezer if you’re planning to store the seeds for a long time. 


2. Avoiding Your Cannabis Seeds From Damp

Dampness causes untold damage to the seeds. It attracts mold to attack your organic seeds and harm them. 

Store your dry seeds in a dry storage jar. Then, you have to keep the jar in a dry place, free from mold or dampness. If you buy cannabis seeds from any reputed dispensary or online supplier, you’re unlikely to receive any wet seeds. 

However, it is wise to check them for moisture before storing them. So, give a quick check on them, ensure that they are dry, and keep them properly in the jar. 


3. Avoiding Your Cannabis Seeds From Air

The National Institute of Health reports show how improperly stored seeds impact their outcomes. It says that any contact of oxygen with the cannabis seeds adversely affects their freshness by triggering the decomposition process in them. 

This is the primary reason why I recommended growers to go for mason jars with vacuum-sealed covers to store their cannabis seeds. Doing so helps in retaining their freshness. These jars play a crucial role in preventing air from getting inside and damaging the seeds. 

It doesn’t matter if you store cannabis seeds or cannabis buds in a glass jar. Investing in a good quality jar will always ensure the freshness of the product inside them.


4. Avoiding Your Cannabis Seeds From Heat

Well, you must know that cannabis seeds get adversely affected by heat over time if left unused in any warm temperature place. 

The warm environment around the cannabis seeds encourages bacterial formation around the surface of seeds. This action affects their potential to grow into healthy plants.  

So, you must avoid heat while storing your cannabis seeds. It is one of the primary reasons why many experts suggest storing your seeds in the freezer. 

However, you won’t have to worry if storing in the freezer is an issue for you. You have to ensure to keep the seeds in a jar and place it somewhere dark and cool in your house. 


5. Avoiding Your Cannabis Seeds From Leaving Out

Although growing cannabis is now legal in several US states like California, it is better to be discreet in storing your cannabis seeds for cannabis buds.

In my advice, if you’re saving the seeds to grow on your own, then keep them hidden from prying eyes. After all, why take the chance to let everyone know about your personal activity? There is no legal risk, but your pricy seeds can get stolen.


6. Avoid Storing Your Cannabis Seeds In Unsafe Places

It is my best advice for you to store your cannabis seeds somewhere safe. You have to store it where only you can access it later. You must avoid putting it somewhere your friend, younger brother or sister, or pet can find and break it. 

It is essential for your glass jars not to fall off, as the shattered glass pieces can cut your feet. Also, it will render the seeds dirty with pet hair, dust, and debris, making them unusable.  

Storing Cannabis Seeds: When, Where And How To Do It

First off, you have to determine whether you’re storing the cannabis seeds for short-term or long-term purposes. 

If you’re storing the cannabis seeds for short-term purposes, then I have some great ideas for you. You can choose a dark cupboard or drawer with an average temperature as the ideal place for storing your cannabis seeds. 

However, you must ensure to keep the cannabis seeds away from the susceptible places of your house that are prone to change in their natural temperature. 

For instance, if you live in an area where the daytime temperatures are warm and the nights are cool in temperature, try to keep your cannabis seeds protected from these external climatic changes. I recommend not storing them in your garage or shed.


Now, let’s see how to store the cannabis seeds for long-term storage. 

I strongly recommend my fellow growers put their cannabis seeds in a vacuum-sealed container and keep it inside a fridge for a long-term storage plan. 

However, you must remember that constantly opening and shutting the fridge door can cause great change. So, if you have a second fridge in your house that doesn’t get used more often, use it for storing your seeds. A spare fridge can be of great benefit to you.  

You must keep the cannabis seeds in their original packaging whenever possible. This is because it becomes easy for you to transfer them to your sealed jar for storage.

Now I want to introduce a good old friend to your cannabis seed storage needs, i.e., ziplock bags. They are a great and effective solution for your air-tight storage solution. 

This is because the bag removes all the air from inside for your seeds. Once locked and vacuum-sealed, you can keep the bag in the dark container to protect the seeds from the in-built light of the fridge. 

I have a bonus point for you to remember. The modern-day fridges are very dry, so ensure to store the seeds without exposure to these conditions directly. This is because a lack of humidity will enable the seeds to utilize their nutrients to stay alive. 

Storing Cannabis Seeds: Which One To Plant And Which One To Store?

If you’re all set for the germination stage for your cannabis seeds, you have to ensure inspecting them. You must germinate the cannabis seeds that are affected or damaged in their outer shell.

There is a reason to do so. The outer shell of the cannabis seeds protects the volatile interior genetics of the seed. Any damage to the outer shell makes these seeds vulnerable and should always be given priority to be used first. 

If you find no damage in your seeds and the outer shell is more than fine, preserve them for storage and later use. In my opinion, the extra fine-quality cannabis seeds are best for storage and best use in the future.    

Storing Cannabis Seeds: Can I Use a Freezer?

Yes, my fellow growers, you can always choose the freezer in your house to store your cannabis seeds. The lower the temperature for storage, the slower the time taken by the seeds to degrade. 

However, using the freezer is not something mandatory as there are several other ways of storage. You can check my outlines as discussed above to store and preserve your precious cannabis seeds for months or years with the same growth rate and germination results. 



So, I hope this guide has given sufficient details and insights about the efficient storage of your marijuana seeds to keep them fresh and intact. You can extract the best knowledge from this guide and use it for your optimal storage of cannabis seeds. 

So, there is nothing to worry about or hesitate while buying a packet of cannabis seeds for a small harvest. 

Shop Cannabis Seeds Hassle-Free! Keep Growing! Happy Smoking!