Heated Centrifuge: What are Some of its Uses?


    One of the most used devices found in laboratories is the centrifuge. The device works by separating materials with various densities. Just like most centrifuges, a heated centrifuge relies on centrifugal force to separate the sample into different components.

    Centrifuges come in different variants and models. Some centrifuges are designed mainly for clinical laboratories. On the other hand, a heated centrifuge is for industrial use. A heated centrifuge is also ideal for industrial settings and research laboratories. Some of the common uses of heated centrifuges include:

    • It helps users determine sediment and water content
    • It helps determine the components found in various substances including crude oil, biodiesel, fuel oil, and middle distillate fuels
    • It helps provide a means for determining the precipitation number, trace sediments, demulsibility characteristics, and insolubles that are present in lubricating oils

    As one of the leading manufacturers today, Hettich offers a vast range of centrifuges for different applications and markets. Hettich also offers dependable industrial units that are designed to withstand intensive usage. Its line of heated centrifuges also consists of specialty buckets that can hold conical tubes for petroleum testing.

    The heated centrifuges offered by Hettich come with specially designed buckets to hold standard conical tubes for petroleum testing. Their heated centrifuges also have a heated option that can facilitate up to +90 °C of chamber temperature.

    One of the most ideal heated centrifuges for industrial and research laboratories is the Rotofix 46H. The Rotofix 46H is also considered a staple in the automobile industry, chemical laboratories, and petrochemical laboratories.

    It is considered the ideal one for ASTM babcock bottles and pear shaped tubes. The Hettich Petrofuge Heated Centrifuge also provides a cost-effective solution for many non-standard applications. The Rotofix 46 also comes with a swing-out rotor that is designed for centrifuge tubes with volumes that range from 1.5 ml to 290 ml.