The relationship between stress and PCOS:


PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, may negatively impact women’s reproductive health. Unbalanced hormones in a woman’s body are the cause. Today, PCOS must affect many women, yet treating it may be challenging. You can prevent or treat PCOS by making a few lifestyle adjustments. Environment, genetics, poor eating habits, weakened immunity, and other metabolic concerns, including obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes, can all be associated with PCOS causes:

Stress, PCOS, androgens, and their interactions              

Many unpleasant symptoms women experience can be caused by the typical hormonal imbalance linked with PCOS causes, which are elevated androgens. Ovarian androgen production, mainly induced by excess insulin, is frequently given a lot of attention. However, it’s crucial to understand that the adrenal glands create a sizable amount of androgen hormones. Therefore, when various stressors continuously stimulate the adrenals, this might result in an overproduction of androgen hormones.

High androgen levels, which cause PCOS symptoms, can be influenced by both the adrenal glands and the ovaries. While some women have ovary-dominant PCOS, others have adrenal-dominant PCOS, and many women have both types of PCOS.

Additionally, it has been discovered that PCOS-affected women produce higher cortisol at baseline than non-PCOS-affected women. This implies that PCOS patients may have more sensitive stress response mechanisms.

Tips for dealing with stress:

Become in charge

Stress can increase if you believe there is nothing you can do to fix the situation. One of the key reasons people feel stressed out and unwell is the sense of control loss. Finding a solution that satisfies you and not someone else requires you to assume control, which in and of itself is empowering.

Interact with others

Your job issues can be lessened, and you can gain new perspectives with the help of a strong network of friends, family, and coworkers. You can unwind and reduce stress by engaging in activities with others. Finding solutions to your issues may also be aided by consulting a buddy. Confidence can be boosted by setting objectives and challenges for oneself, whether at work or outside, like taking up a new activity or language. You could reduce stress by doing this. Additionally, it may inspire you to act and do things.

Refrain from destructive behaviors.

Relying on drink, smoking, or caffeine as a coping mechanism is not a good idea. These crutches won’t help you in the long run; they could give you short-term solace. They’ll make new ones. It’s essential to deal with the stress’s root source.

Support others

Evidence suggests that helping others through volunteer work or other community service often results in the development of more assertive personalities. Try to do a favor for someone each day if you don’t have time to volunteer. It can be as simple as offering to cross the street for someone or taking coworkers out for coffee.

Bottom line:

It is a well-proven fact that stress can make PCOS symptoms worsen. So, if you feel your symptoms worsen, you should not let your mental strength go weak, work on things that make you stronger. You should consult with a doctor to find a solution for how to cure PCOS permanently.