Want To Change The Shape Of The Nose? – Then Go For Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is the surgery of the nose that will result in the change of the shape of the nose. The main concern for this practice is that it will result in improving the breathing condition and at the same time some people use it as a source for correction of the shape of the nose. The structure that lies in the upper part is the bone whereas the part at the lower part is cartilage. Thus, this is said that Nose surgury in “Khorat” (ทำจมูกโคราช, which is the term in Thai) includes changes in the skin, cartilage, and at times even in the bone.

Risk Factors Included

  1. Infection
  2. Bleeding
  3. The Adverse Reaction Towards Anaesthesia.

Reasons OfRhinoplasty

If due to injury there has to be a correction in the shape and structure of the nose, then in that case we make the use of Nose surgury in “Khorat”This may also happen when the person feels unhappy with the structure of his or her nose. With the help of rhinoplasty, the surgeon will be able to bring changes in angle as well as the shape of the nose. It also reshapes the tip and at the same time works in straightening bridge.

Preparation OfRhinoplasty

The patient must conduct the doctor beforehand to confirm whether he is a good candidate of not for this surgery. At times it happens that the patients are not satisfied with the surgery then in that case they can opt for a re-do nose surgery in “Khorat” (แก้จมูกโคราช, term in Thai) option. After visiting the surgeon, he will examine and take the history, this will certainly help in concluding. In case the suffers from haemophilia (that includes excessive uncontrolled bleeding, then in that case the patient will not be suggested for electric surgery.

This has been seen that the person who is involved in smoking, then the healing process takes a long time as this trend has been seen that cigarette slows the recovery process. The presence of nicotine will constrict the blood vessels and this will result in less oxygen supply to the patient at that particular tissue where healing has to be accelerated.

Results Associated With Rhinoplasty

Many times, due to circumstances, the patient has to undergo are-do nose surgery in “Khorat”.  This process takes time for its complete that is 1 year also at last or the person may recover within a week time. Since the tip of the nose is a sensitive part, it may remain swollen.