What are HA Fillers and are They Safe? 


Aging is a natural process. No one has or can escape it. But, it is possible to age gracefully. Besides, different kinds of pollutants that the skin faces nowadays has made premature skin aging very common. Sometimes, even the skin of someone in their 30s looks like the skin of someone in their 50s. Now, whichever of the two you want corrected – skin that’s aging as a natural phenomenon or premature skin aging – there are many ways to slow down and even reverse the appearance of signs of aging. One such method is getting anti-aging dermal fillers. 

Safety of the Fillers

As soon as the word fillers is mentioned, people usually get apprehensive. That’s because there’s this wrong notion that fillers are harmful chemicals. Whilst some fillers can be harmful, the high-quality ones like Clinique Anti Aging dermal fillers are nothing but Hyaluronic acid (HA). 

There’s nothing unnatural about HA. It is actually a real acid that the body naturally produces. With age, the formation of HA reduces and that is when the skin starts wrinkling and sagging. So, injecting the skin with HA fillers is not something unnatural. 

In simple words, HA fillers by elite manufacturers are safe. Some such fillers that dermatologists in Canada approve are RESTYLANE®, JUVEDERM®, TEOSYAL®, BELOTERO®, STYLAGE®, and PRINCESS®.

That said, let’s now address some general questions about the HA fillers and find out their answers.

Are the results of HA Fillers Permanent? 

No, absolutely not. Remember, every dermatological treatment requires touch-ups. And before touch-ups, a number of sittings are required to achieve the desired results. And HA fillers are no different. It usually takes about 4-6 sittings to get visible results. After that, the results can last from anywhere between 1-2 years. It entirely depends upon the skin type of an individual. 

In fact, the fact that these fillers offer temporary results is actually a good thing. If you don’t like the results, you don’t have to live with the outcome forever. 

Why are there so many categories of HA fillers? 

Well, that’s because different parts of the face require fillers of different thickness. The softer ones are usually used as lip fillers and the denser ones are used for chin or cheeks where the wrinkles are deeper. 

What are the visible results of HA fillers? 

First of all, HA fillers are anti-aging treatments. That said, the many results of getting HA fillers injected on the face are as follows. 

  • The skin gets taut. Folds aren’t visible after 4-5 sittings. 
  • The skin becomes hydrated since HA naturally retains water. As a result, the face looks radiant and supple. 

All in all, skin treatments are usually safe as long as they’re done by expert doctors. So, always remember to pick a trusted clinic to get skin treatments done.