5 Clear Signs You Need a Vein Clinic Consultation


Vein diseases need immediate attention; otherwise, they will only lead to more complications. At first, you may think that it’s harmless. You might think that it’s just a cramp or a bulging vein. However, as time goes by, you get to feel more symptoms, making it hard for you to concentrate on your work. You might also find days when you can’t do physical activity because of your spider veins in Singapore.

Yes, don’t be too complacent! It’s about your health, and you must ensure that you get medical treatments. So, don’t ignore the signs you need to visit a vein clinic for a professional consultation. Let this article show you the best time to book a consultation with your doctor.

5 Clear Signs You Need a Vein Clinic Consultation

Being complacent with your vein disease is not advisable because you need immediate action before it worsens. You must be aware of the symptoms, including heavy feelings in the leg, increased pain, itchiness, and change in skin colour. If you see these symptoms, make sure to take action right away. So, get to know the five clear signs you need a vein clinic consultation in Singapore.

1. Family History of Vein Diseases

Surprisingly, vein diseases can also be genetic so if you have a family history of the disease, make sure to visit a doctor to prevent it. The doctor can give you varicose veins treatment in Singapore to avoid further development. Plus, you can be informed about lifestyle changes to make a healthier body.

2. Persistent Leg Pain

The pain wouldn’t go away even if you tried to use an ice pack and take some medications. It signifies that it’s more than just a muscle cramp. It’s better to visit a vein clinic to get appropriate treatments for your health condition. Persistent leg pain is not something you can ignore because it might lead to more complications.

3. Discoloured Veins

Discoloured veins are a visible sign you must not discredit because it tells you that there is something wrong in your veins. If you ignore this, you may lead to more complicated treatments like undergoing endovascular surgery. This way, you can recover from your condition and return to your daily life.

4. Vein Problems Disrupting Your Daily Routine

If you need to take sick leave or an absence from your work, you might need to take immediate action to keep your health in shape. For this reason, don’t hesitate to call your doctor for a professional check-up to learn more about your health progress.

5. Suffered from Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy can also add extra weight to your body, making it hard for the blood flow to be smooth. As a result, it can lead to vein problems like spider veins, which can impact your post-natal care period. So, make sure to visit a doctor to keep your and the baby’s condition healthy.


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