5 Common Reasons Parents Take Their Kids to An ENT Specialist in Singapore  


Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders are prevalent among children and one of the leading reasons parents take their child to a paediatrician, but sometimes primary care cannot suffice. Medical professionals trained in ENT medicine can perform many diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, often on children. Because this care may overlap with that of a paediatrician, parents may find it confusing. This article provides insights to assist parents in determining when their child should see an ENT specialist in Singapore.

The following are common reasons why parents bring their children to an ENT.

1. Sinus Infections

Especially if they spend all day at school or daycare, children are susceptible to recurring colds. Some children are more prone to the common illness and may contract it monthly. Typically, a cold is caused by a virus and will resolve on its own, but if symptoms persist for more than seven days and worsen, it may be a sinus infection. It necessitates contacting a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore to discuss treatment options.

2. Chronic Ear Infections

It is an infection of the aerated space behind the eardrum. Some individuals are more susceptible to ear infections. Due to the size and shape of their middle ears and eustachian tubes, children aged 6 months to 2 years are prone to these.

Typically, ear infections come from other illnesses that cause congestion and swelling, such as the common cold, influenza, or allergies. These infections can be painful and cause hearing loss, fever, headaches, and loss of balance. Moreover, if your child develops multiple ear infections, it may be time to consult an ENT specialist and have an ear wax removal in Singapore.

3. Snoring Problems

Children may snore at night, but when it disrupts the quality of their sleep with frequent disturbances, or if there is concern that the child stops breathing during the night, a thorough evaluation of their airway by an ENT specialist is required. It requires a comprehensive office examination, which may involve placing a camera in the child’s nose to examine the upper airway. If necessary, an ENT specialist in Singapore can treat this condition through medical and surgical methods.

4. Ringing In the Ears

Commonly, tinnitus is referred to as ringing in the ears. And it is medically recognised as an ear or head noise that occurs more than once per week and lasts longer than five minutes. Tinnitus can be very annoying and detrimental to the quality of life of some individuals. While there is no cure for tinnitus, an ENT specialist in Singapore can assist you in reducing your perception of the ringing sound.

5. Recurring Tonsillitis

Children and adults suffer from tonsillitis. If you frequently experience severe sore throats or tonsillitis, it may be time to have your tonsils removed and enjoy some ice cream. However, if you have trouble breathing, difficulty swallowing saliva, severe pain, and a high temperature, you should consult an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore to receive a diagnosis and learn about treatment options.



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