Alcohol intake after weight loss surgery

Alcohol intake after weight loss surgery

If you had your lap-band surgery Lubbock less than one year ago, you should avoid alcohol for some time. Your liver and other body organs are under immense pressure during the initial year because of the enormous amount of weight reduced.

Alcohol has empty calories and has zero nutrients; therefore, if you wish to reduce or maintain weight, you must add alcohol to the list of everyday calorie consumption. We advise you to prefer low-calorie alcohol and if you blend it with other drinks, pick sugar-free beverages to lower the number of calories.

Lap band and alcohol

To have a successful weight loss journey, you need to adhere to your aims of making significant life changes to your dietary practices. It means, when you get better, it is imperative to eat correctly. It will take a few months for your new tummy to heal entirely.

You should adhere to your dietician’s guidelines cautiously. Not eating too quickly too much makes you feel nauseous or sick, but drinking too quickly and too much can also do the same. For many weeks following your lap-band surgery Lubbock, you must follow a detailed list of food having liquids constrained to skim milk, sugar-free juice, vegetable broth, and water. It simply means no sugary or alcoholic drink.

Guidelines on alcohol consumption

Stick to the following guidelines for re-introducing alcohol without compromising your pledge to a healthy life after weight loss surgery in Lubbock.

  1. Do not drink for about 6 months after weight loss surgery.
  2. As you get consent to start drinking once again, stay away from carbonated and sugary drinks.
  3. Do not drive, even after drinking just minimal alcohol.
  4. Be familiar with the calorie amount of alcohol.
  5. Keep in mind that even a minimal quantity of alcohol can lead to low blood sugar and intoxication.

Myths about alcohol after weight loss surgery

  1. You cannot drink alcohol after surgery

Even if it is advised to stop alcohol early on and limit your consumption, you can carry on to have alcohol after going through weight loss surgery. The surgery limits the quantity of food consumption. As there is less food inside your stomach, alcohol would hit you harder.

  1. Surgery causes alcoholism

As per numerous studies, there is no connection between too much alcohol drinking and weight loss surgery. Patients are recommended to avoid alcohol after surgery as the medical experts deem it harmful.