Delta 10, The New Addition To The List


Most of you are already aware of Delta 8-THC and Delta 9-THC and their effects by now, but do you know about the new Delta variant in the family yet? What are its differences and similarities to its former variants? Is it a different composition or just a hybrid of Delta 8 and 9? All your questions regarding “what’s new in Delta 10” will be answered in this article based on what is known to the world at present.

What are the effects of consumption?

The first question that pops up has to be about the effects this new variant has on consumption.

Being a recent discovery, not enough human tests have been conducted to back the answers scientists are providing us with. However, its probability of interacting with our bodies in similar ways to Delta 8 and Delta 9 is pretty high. The THC components in both these former variants are reported to leave a strong impact on CB1 and a relative impact on CB2 receptors of our central nervous system. And the same affinity can be expected from the new member, at least when the dilution is low and dosage is high.

Is the new member closer to Delta 9 or Delta 8 according to psychoactive effects?

Starting with Delta 9, infamous by the name of “Marijuana,” has the most intense effect on body metabolism, followed by Delta 8 with relatively less and a euphoric effect. But when it comes to the new variant, the effect is anticipated to be even milder with positive impacts like energizing, elevated capability to focus, and creative thinking. Although again, enough human surveys have not been conducted to assure such. With the anticipated positive effects of Delta 10, consumers may prefer it for a productive day.

Last but not least,

Is the new Delta variant capable of not causing trouble in a drug test?

There prevails a high certainty of the answer being a “no.” Be it any THC variant, the resulting metabolites would always tend to show up in Drug tests. However high or low the concentration is, the nature of drug tests to detect the metabolites rather than the traces of the drug itself will always cause unnecessary trouble.

Thus, even though this new variant of the Delta family will have several positive effects and impacts on human bodies if consumed judiciously, it’s always safer to restrain oneself from consuming even a mild dosage before an upcoming Drug test, even if it’s months away. But if your life is free from the hassle of drug tests and your country’s law won’t accuse you of illegality on such consumption, you can always give it a try, to enjoy a productive and fulfilling¬† day.