Helpful Way to Treat Underage Alcohol Addiction

    Emotional woman sharing her story during support session for addicts, close up on gesticulating hands

    Teenagers are prone to drug abuse. Alcohol is also a form of drug whose consumption is more common among teenagers than you may think. Due to the immense side effects of alcohol consumption, its use is strictly prohibited under the age of 21 but still, some teenagers get access to it and may end up addicted to alcohol. Teenagers who drink more often are prone to:

    • Have serious problems at school.
    • Be victims of violent crime or become violent themselves
    • Be involved in drinking-related traffic accidents.

    Unfortunately, overcoming addiction is not easy, especially when there is a teen involved. . Quitting drinking is one of the hardest things your kid may have to go through. The withdrawal symptoms may make your teenage child cranky, moody and violent. So it is a good option to start a treatment plan. Read more on how you can get medicines for managing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Keep in contact with a doctor who may suggest treatment and recovery options. 

    Tips for Recovery

    After you start a treatment program for your child, try these tips to make their road to recovery smooth:

    • Tell your kid’s friends about his decision to stop using drugs and alcohol. True friends will respect this decision. If not, ask your child to find new friends who are supportive of their decision and help them be a better version of themselves. Ask your child to ditch friends who have a drinking problem themselves and make new friends who are clean. 
    • Ask your friends or family to be available. You might need to call someone in the middle of the night just to talk about your child. If you are finding it difficult to cope through the recovery process, ask someone close to pitch in for you and help your kid get through the recovery phase.
    • Accept invitations only to events that won’t involve drugs or alcohol. Going to the movies is safe, but ask your teenage kid to skip a Friday night party in case there is alcohol and drugs involved. They might not like the idea of skipping a party but you can plan fun activities for both of you. Watch a movie together or hit an adventure park. 
    • Remind your kid that having an addiction doesn’t make a person bad or weak. If they fall back into an old drinking pattern ensure that they can talk to an adult as soon as possible. There’s nothing to be ashamed about and they can be open to their family with their struggles without any judgements.