Here’s Why You Need To Have The JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair


The JPMedics Kumo massage chair will make you familiar with the massage chair industry. This model has many innovative features. It’s beautifully assembled in a beautiful unit.

If you are new to massage chairs, there is no reason to stop reading. The Kumo is a versatile machine with many features. It looks fantastic as a whole. But wait until you learn about each system and all of the programs that make up this amazing technology. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to replace your chair; it is exciting to see what this one has in store.

Here are seven reasons you might need the JPMedics Kumo massage chair as your next or first at-home massage device.

  1. It Features Enhanced L-Track Technology

This back massage chair is unique among its peers. Although many massage chairs claim they can provide full-body massages, the JPMedics Kumo’s technology has been upgraded to include a 44-inch L Track feature. The Kumo has greater coverage and reaches further. Now you can get invigorating massages on the neck, shoulder, lower back, and mid-back.

  1. It comes with 4D heated rollers

There are not many massage chairs that have heated rollers. The Kumo is the first to offer human-like massages. The 4D thermal rollers are 3 inches in depth and 1.5 inches apart, allowing for precise massages. The rollers simulate real masseuse hands by generating heat.

  1. It has a Reflexology and Back Scanning Sensor.

The Kumo offers both back scanning and reflexology, which isn’t always possible in massage chairs. The massage chair features an ARM microprocessor that is extremely efficient and a sensor that provides quick and precise responses when it comes time to adjust intensity levels. This technology allows you to choose the spot that you want and set your desired intensity and strength.

  1. It has a beautiful, yet space-saving design

The Kumo is different. The Kumo’s space-saving design means that it can be placed in any room, with only 5 inches between the backrest and the seat.

  1. 12 Programs Automatically Available

You can choose from twelve programs including Spine Care and Stretch, Gentle, Relax. You can even visit to test these out for yourself.

  1. It has Zero Gravity, Power Recline and Ottoman.

What is an innovative massage chair that doesn’t have zero-gravity recline? These options are available with the Kumo at a touch of a button.

  1. It comes with a touch screen tablet remote

You don’t have to fiddle with the remote anymore. Now you can adjust settings and select your massage using touch. This chair by The Modern Back offers both luxury and convenience.

The Final Word

These features are important to consider when you are looking for a massage chair. Make sure you visit a showroom close to your home to view the units in person.