Who is Not Suitable for Permanent Makeup?


Permanent makeup has grown in popularity during the previous five to ten years. In fact, it has grown so popular that Vogue magazine has written a storey about it. Because it is so convenient, busy women from all walks of life, including many celebrities, are opting for permanent cosmetics. Some women, though, are better candidates than others. This article will explain who should and should not get it done.

  • Permanent makeup has no higher age limit. If their skin is in good condition, women in their eighties may be good candidates.
  • Women who have difficulty maintaining a straight brow or who have vision difficulties are ideal candidates.
  • Women who participate in sports should consider permanent makeup because it does not run or sweat off.
  • Women who are in the public eye or work in places where they are constantly scrutinisedrealise the benefits of not having to worry about their cosmetics.
  • As a result of not having to apply as much makeup, busy working women choose permanent makeup because it saves them five to fifteen minutes per day.
  • As a result of UVA rays, those who spend a lot of time in the sun or tanning boots should avoid them.
  • Anyone who is going through severe life trauma should avoid getting PMU because it is not a good idea to change one’s physical appearance while going through a major life stress. It is advisable to wait until the issues that are creating the trauma have been handled.
  • If you are taking chemotherapy, you will need a doctor’s note to have permanent makeup applied. You can schedule your visit once you’ve received clearance from your oncologist. For cancer survivors, permanent makeup is an excellent option.
  • Individuals who are sensitive to metals and colours. They employ little needles and pigments that may contain metals and colourants, thus allergies may be an issue.
  • Individuals who have a pacemaker or have serious heart problems. Some people take epinephrine as a numbing agent, which might raise your heart rate and cause dysrhythmias.
  • Individuals suffering from diabetes. It’s critical that your condition remains stable and under control. Please contact your doctor and send us a doctor’s note.
  • Individuals who have used Accutane. Accutane changes the skin, making it thinner, dryer, and more sensitive. It also compromises your immune system. For these reasons, you’ll need to wait one year after your Accutane treatment is over and your skin has returned to normal.

When it comes to permanent makeup like getting Permanent Eyebrows, those who are good candidates should spend time with their technician to establish if they are compatible. As much as they interview you, you should interview them as much as they interview you. This is a permanent change to your appearance; therefore, it should be thoroughly examined before undergoing the surgery. Applied properly and on the right candidate, permanent makeup is excellent because it frees ladies from having to do topical makeup all day every day, every night.