Relaxing massage at beauty spa salon

For many, massage means luxury and relaxation above all else. But it turns out that more than just wandering your mind is happening. From promoting healing to preventing pain and injuries, massage has good scientific reasons for us. Massage is widely seen as part of integrative medicine. It is increasingly offered with standard care for a variety of illnesses and situations. 

 스웨디시 massage. This is primarily about kneading muscles with lubricants and other cliché techniques. massage is widely used in a variety of styles, including relaxation massage and sports massage. Even culturally distinctive massage styles such as Thai massage and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi are, in principle, very similar to the 스웨디시  


Massage increases blood flow to the target’s muscles, speeding up the supply of nutrients needed for proper functioning while eliminating metabolic waste that can cause pain and delay recovery. If you don’t move around too much during the day, your blood flow will naturally decrease, so massage is a great way to rejuvenate. 

 Repeated use in a stationary position can cause muscle fibres to stick together. This is called glueing. These adhesions limit movement and, if left untreated, can lead to hypertonia of the entire muscle and ultimately pain. A targeted massage works on the problematic tissue and can stretch or loosen the tissue until the normal range of motion is restored. 

Think of the muscles as a system of ropes and pulleys that cover the skeleton. Normally everything works smoothly, but if any of these ropes are too short or too weak, they will stretch or break. The same can happen to muscles if they are not moving properly. Therefore, massage not only treats the injured tissue but also helps prevent the injury by moving all the “ropes” fluidly with the proper strength and length. 

 For avid athletes, massage is essential to speed recovery from muscle fatigue and enable them to return to sports faster without resorting to painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. It requires 스웨디시 massage and a variety of techniques that can reposition the client to stretch, contract, and access muscles that are only accessible from certain angles. 

 Massage causes physiological changes and reactions in your body. A relaxation response is a condition in which the heart and respiratory rate slow down, blood pressure drops, stress hormone production decreases, and muscles relax. Relaxation responses also appear to increase the levels of available serotonin,  a chemical in the body that has a positive effect on emotions and thoughts. 

 Massage therapy relaxes muscle tissue and reduces painful contractions and cramps. Massage can also reduce nerve pressure. To understand this, consider that sometimes when muscles contract, they press on the nerves around them. When these muscles relax, the nerves are no longer compressed and can theoretically receive the proper nutrients and function more efficiently.