How to control high blood pressure while travelling?


High blood pressure, or its famous name hypertension is one of the commonest diseases that you can find on earth. Almost every country in this world will have someone with high blood pressure. This disease can easily be caused by a lot of common factors such as diet and unhealthy lifestyle. These are the reasons why the number of high blood pressure patients is very high day by day. We also know that high blood pressure can give rise to other diseases in the near future. These diseases include heart attack, kidney problem, eye problem and also heart disease. Hence, we can see that ignoring this hypertension threat will always be very bad. Usually, patients with high blood pressure need to take medical drugs for their high blood pressure (ubat darah tinggi). However, this alone is not enough. High blood pressure patients also need to control their blood pressure as well as they can, especially in tough situations such as travelling. Hence, this article will discuss the steps needed to control your high blood pressure condition during travelling.

  1. Control your stress level

One of the factors that can increase the blood pressure is stress. Being in a stressful situation will release certain hormones from your body that are responsible to increase your blood pressure. This is the reason why stress can produce hypertension. So, it is recommended that you do everything early before travelling so that the process will be smooth. This includes arriving at the airport early, packaging your stuff or even planning activities.

  1. Control your diet

As stated above, an unhealthy diet can be the main reason why people develop high blood pressure. It is always normal to try new food and drinks while on vacation. However, you must remember not to consume unhealthy food or drink too much during travelling. You must avoid food such as salty foods, junk food, sugary drinks and also alcoholic drinks during travelling. These are all diets that can change the salt-water level inside your body, hence contributes to the increase in blood pressure.

  1. Bring your extra medication

Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor will usually provide you with high blood pressure medicine. So, if you want to travel, please do not forget to pack your medicine as well. Not just that, packing an extra medicine will also help in case your travelling time increases or your transportation gets delayed. After all, transportation delay is one of the commonest problems that happens during travelling.

  1. Keep your leg active

These tips are useful especially for long hours of travel. If you are in a long hour drive or in a flight, it is best to keep your legs moving. This is important because high blood pressure patients tend to develop blood clot. Hence, this step can help to prevent this problem. If you are in a long hour drive, you can stop by any gas station and walk down for a while. Besides, if you are in a flight, simply walking down the aisle will help your condition.

  1. Bring your portable blood pressure machine

Nowadays, there are a lot of machines available due to the advancement in the technology section. One of the benefits is the patient itself. Lots of machines that were produced to help monitor their condition were sold. One of them is the portable blood pressure reader machine. Bringing this machine along with you in your journey will definitely be a great help since you can take your reading anytime. You can simply purchase this item in any nearby online pharmacy or health stores.