Imminent Mental Health Problems in the Wake of COVID-19 SOPs as per Israel Figa


You might not link mental health problems to the ongoing pandemic, but when you think deeply, you will realize that there is a huge connection. Of course, the first connection that you can make is between the fear of the virus and people’s reaction to it. When you are constantly living in fear, your body is releasing toxins that are not great for your health in the long run. However, there is something more that you have to pay attention to. Mental health problems will become quite common due to the ongoing pandemic as per Israel Figa.

He believes that the pandemic has a direct and indirect relationship with the mental issues. He also says that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of the women will be much stronger compared to the impact on men’s mental health. Let’s take a look at what he is talking about. 

The Burden of Companionship

The burden of companionship will increase on women all around the world. This holds true more for women who are living as housewives. Housewives are all about being the biggest support to their family. In fact, they are not just support, they are the main pillar on which the entire household is built. So, in the past, they were taking care of their children and their men. They were responsible for keeping the homes in order. However, with the ongoing situation, many men have lost their jobs and they are sitting at home right now. This has increased the financial burden on the house. 

These women don’t know what to do about the situation other than being a moral support for their husbands. While they supporting them at every front, deep down inside, they know the fears they are dealing with. They fear that they will have to live hungry and that malnourishment will affect their children. At the same time, they are worried for the future of their children in terms of education. There is a lot for them to worry about, but on top of it all, they have to show that they are loyal to their partners and out there for them even in these difficult circumstances. 

This constant burden and the feeling of proving themselves is taking a toll on their mental health. It might not be evident right now but with time, they will know that this entire period has hurt them big time mentally. 

The Challenge of Job Plus Family  

Of course, in the modern world and especially in the modern nations, there are just as many women working as men. Even when a woman is working, she is constantly worried about the well-being of her children. Today, the pandemic has forced the workers to work from home. The employers have no choice either. They want to see their employees working from the office, but they have to follow the SOPs and prove that they are reliable businesses. Hence, they cannot make their workers work from the office. However, working from home is not even remotely similar to working from the office, especially for women who have their families and children to take care of. 

The issue has risen recently and women who are now working from home are facing a new challenge. They have to take care of their jobs and babies and children at the same time. This is the toughest exercise that you can think of. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can’t ignore their babies and they can’t afford to be less productive at their jobs. They are juggling between the two responsibilities and this will soon become evident in the form of declining mental health in such women as per Israel Figa

Final Thoughts 

It is amazing to see how Israel Figa is able to see through all the fog and find out the trends that are not evident to most other people. It is definitely a worrying point that women who have to tackle their jobs and babies at the same time are suffering mentally. Someone has to come up with an innovative solution to this problem, perhaps, a housewife will.