Skincare habits to help with acne


Are you tired of trying so hard to get rid of your acne? Do you feel as if you have an exceptional case of acne that won’t go away? No matter what tips you try and habits you adopt, it keeps breaking out from time to time! Worry not, because here are the top 10 crucial skincare habits to help you with acne.

1.  Do not wash your skin too often!

It might seem counter-intuitive to you, but the problem is washing your skin too often irritates it and makes it prone to more acne breakouts. Dermatologists agree that a person with acne should only wash their skin twice a day. Wash your skin once you wake up and once before going to bed.

2.  Use non-acnegenic skincare products!

Some people are sensitive to certain skincare products. These products cause acne in them. Look for the labels such as won’t clog pores, non-acnegenic, or oil-free on your skincare products so that they don’t cause you an acne breakout. Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel Cleanser for Blemish-prone Skin is one of our favourite products in the market

3.   Get rid of sweat, gently!

 Wash your skin every time you sweat with lukewarm water. Do not rub your skin to clean it of sweat. It causes your skin to irritate. Use a clean towel to pat your sweat gently to remove it off your skin.

4.  Do not pop or squeeze acne!

When you do this, you push some of the inside material (dead skin cells or microbes) deep into your skin. It causes more inflammation and, as a result, more acne breakouts.

5.  Curb your scrubbing temptation!

Scrubbing irritates your skin, causing acne flares. Be gentle with your skin and avoid doing this. Do get frustrated, and give your skin some time to heal.

6.  Don’t make your skin dry!

You might be tempted to clean your skin with toners or astringents so much so that you end up making it dry. Dry skin not only makes your acne look worse but also increases your risk of getting more of it. You might also consider adding some vitamins and supplements to your diet.

7.  Apply an alcohol-free cleanser

Alcohol, present in skincare products or acne medications, makes your skin dry. Dry skin is prone to inflammation and more oil production. Use an alcohol-free gel such as Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel specifically made to clean oily, blemish-prone skin.

8.  Avoid excessive sun exposure!

Excessive sun exposure causes dehydration and makes the skin produce more oil. When dead cells clog oil-producing glands of your skin, acne develops. Certain drugs also cause it or make it worse by making you sensitive to light.

9.  Focus on your diet!

A high glycemic index diet increases the levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a well-established factor in acne development. Eat food with low glycemic indexes, such as fruits and vegetables. Milk and other dairy products also contain IGF-1. So, cut back the use of dairy products as well.

10.  Consult your doctor

Since there are many types of acne, these habits might not necessarily work for you. Consult your doctor. The good news is that almost all acne cases are treated successfully.