Important questions to ask before a bariatric surgery

before a bariatric surgery

Are you looking for aTijuana bariatric surgery? There are a lot of surgeries to select from, such as lap band, gastric bypass or stomach balloon. Choosing to experience bariatric surgery is a big decision that you must assess with assistance from your physician.

Before reaching the clinic, there are some things to consider.Tijuana bariatric surgery is not for everybody. There are dangers to weigh, financial considerations to dwell on, and medical problems to consider.

The replies to these basic questions to ask before bariatric surgery will aid you to decide if undertaking a bariatric surgery is the best pathway in your weight loss journey. See what foodstuffs are there in a vegetarian diet after bariatric surgery?

What questions to ask about bariatric surgery?

Below we have listed a few questions to ask bariatric surgeon:

  1. Which bariatric procedure is suitable for me?

The choice of which bariatric procedure to go for is actually up to you. Your doctor will give details about the methods, but you need to select the one you sense most secure with.

There are quite a few procedures, but the most common ones are the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Both are confirmed to bring about the best weight loss that can be sustained. The good points between the two processes must be talked about with your doctor.

There are some health issues that might make one procedure superior or safer for you. Your doctor can assist you in working through this.

  1. What to expect from the surgery?

Most individuals stay for one to two days in the hospital and usually walk in four hours of surgery. They can have a shower the next day. You would be on a clear liquid diet for two weeks and can come back to solid foods 30 days after surgery.

You need to stay away from laborious movement or lifting more than 20 pounds for 30 days. Most individuals are driving and have come back to work in a couple of weeks.

  1. What are the possible complications of bariatric surgery?

Your doctor would go into in-depth information regarding the complications. Overall, the chance for a major problem is 3 percent or less. These problems include infection, blood clots, bleeding in the legs or lungs, leakage from the bowel, heart attack and death.

Bariatric procedure is very secure and is commonly done. The complications mentioned above are similar to most procedures done on the stomach.