Tips To Treat Knee Pain At Home


Knee pain is one of the most common issues that are likely to be caused by short-term and long-term ailments. If one has mild or moderate knee pain (ปวด หัว เข่า, which is the term in Thai), then you can quickly treat at home. If the pain is caused due to inflammation or minor injury, you can resolve it at home without any medical help. The home remedies can not only help you in managing symptoms but also improve the comfort levels. 

Tips For Treating Knee Pain

  • Exercise Regularly

The best part about exercising is that it delays osteoarthritis, which is a common cause of knee pain. Exercising can also strengthen the way the body tends to support the joints. Significantly strengthening the knee muscles is quite helpful, and people can surely benefit from water aerobics.

  • Posture And Support

One’s stance plays a crucial role in treating knee pain, so people shouldn’t sit on low chairs or couches or sit on a pillow to raise their level if required. Above all, one should wear supportive shoes and avoid those that have broken arches.

  • Weight Loss

People who tend to be overweight are more prone to the risk of knee pain. If people tend to carry extra weights, the joints have to do more work. The additional work mainly enhances inflammation throughout the body, and the knees are said to be affected by the same. A healthy diet can help keep the body weight maintained means you should have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables besides fiber and consume minimum meat, animal fat, etc. 

  • Heat And Cold Technique

When you are resting, a heating pad can help relieve knee pain. Additionally, cruel treatment can also help in minimizing inflammation. You can apply heat for at least 20 minutes or the first two days after the injury. Above all, you shouldn’t apply direct ice on the knee. If your joint is relatively warm due to flare, then you should avoid using any heat therapy. Additionally, a warm shower can also be helpful to ease the joints. 

You should visit a doctor if you have severe pain and swelling besides bruising. The medical professional is likely to carry out a physical exam and do some tests, including blood tests or x-ray. Professional help is expected to be needed if the home remedies aren’t helping to soothe the pain.