Spa Massage – Satisfaction Is Our Intention


When was the last time you treated yourself for a proper day off? Not like a day off where you nap, but more like a day where you have treated your mind and your body? With the everyday rush hour of our day-to-day lives, we are so neck-deep into our work where we don’t find time for ourselves.

But with every curse, there is a cure. The time has come where you put yourself first and give you give yourself, none other than,

History – Spa is an ancient concept. People all around the world resonate with the feeling of spa and massage. Spa in the earlier times used to be termed as ‘Bathhouses’. Where one would completely immerse themselves in hot water, this helped relax their muscles and smooth their minds and calm their bodily nervous system.

Spa Etiquettes’ – Although one isn’t born with spa or bathhouse etiquettes, one should keep in mind that –

  • Hygiene– Make sure that you are neat, that you have thoroughly cleaned every nook and corner of your body. This may or may not be considered as a point here but always keep your breath fresh by having breath mints. Otherwise, your bad mouth smell will be directly on your massager.
  • Time management – You heard that right; you must be there on time, perhaps 30 mins earlier, to fill out the forms and complete the necessary routine checks if required.
  • Noise – With that being said, one should not be loud and use a harsh tone while speaking.
  • Photography – One rule to follow. This is not allowed in most spas. Please respect the privacy of others, as they are giving you quality service. Don’t have a disregard for their feelings.

Things to know about it are:

  • Course – Once you think about enrolling yourself into this therapeutic massage, you will be given various options to select from. What type of spa do you like? Till its feedback, all will be covered.
  • Reservation – One can’t just walk in this; you should make a 24-hour reservation or you can apply for a waiting class. You can reserve by a phone call, a letter, or even an invoice notice.
  • Massages offered – There are two and many types of massages offered that are:
  1. Deep body massage – This is a type of massage where they completely take over your body, head to toe. With massaging and spa treatment, they even provide facials and even beauty care and guide you through the process.
  2. Aromatherapy – This is a therapy plus a massage program; during the process, know, and mellow music will be played while they massage your body with oils that will not only beautify your skin but will make them moisturized and radiant.
  3. Hot stone massage – This takes the cake. This is a type of massage where they ask you to lay down on your stomach and put hot stones across your spine. This not only awakens the central nervous system but helps to tighten your pores and muscles overall.

Conclusion – Spa Massage is overall soothing and a liberating process; at least once in your life, one should experience this as they will be gobsmacked with how much their body has improved. The changes will take time and leave an overall long-lasting impact on your mind, body, and health.