What to Do When You Suffer from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?


Suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction or PFD is not common and when you do, you might feel like getting limited in your access or get stressed about it. It will be confusing or irritating for you to resume your daily activities without having to irritate your symptoms. The common ones include bowel control issues, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or painful intercourse. But, it is equally important to lead a peaceful and satisfying life, even with having PFD. You need to indulge in activities that won’t be aggravating your symptoms or even worsen them. 

Here are certain do’s that you should consider for a happy life.

Do the exercises

Do not work out with excessively high weights. Also, try avoiding the ones which will be putting intense pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. If your muscles get strained due to these activities, the symptoms can worsen over time. You can choose the activities like walking, restorative yoga, and other low-impact exercises which will not put any added pressure on the muscles.

Do pelvic brace

The transverse abdominus and the Kegel muscles are involved when you sneeze, cough, or laugh and this causes the urine to leak. To avoid running to the bathroom every time, you can rather engage these muscles appropriately. Try engaging your pelvic muscles through common and simple daily movements in order to not feel any added downward pressure.

Do retrain the bladder

Every time you feel the slightest urge to pee, do not run to the bathroom right away. You need to retrain your bladder to stop triggering the frequent bathroom breaks. This will prevent this from becoming a habit. To start with the retraining process, take bathroom breaks in a gap of nearly two hours. You will observe over time that your urge to urinate has lessen.

Do seek treatment

It is not at all advised to keep suffering from the interfering symptoms of PFD. There are many kinds of treatment options available as per your lifestyle and diagnosis. You just need to begin by searching for a good urogynecologist and discuss your problems. They will suggest treatments that will suit your needs. You can opt for medications, surgery, physical therapies, or pessaries depending on the severity of your condition.

Integral Performance Physio pelvic floor therapy has the answer to all your lingering PFD issues as they can cure them from the roots. It is now possible to lead your life freely.