Why Do Women Need a Female Health Screening Package in Singapore?


You might already have tried out a breast cancer screening in Singapore or other screening types at least once in your lifetime. It is not just men who require health screenings, women need regular health screenings as well. Checkups are vital for several reasons, and on many occasions, they can be lifesaving. Think about the mandatory screenings we do that are related to sports participation, employee eligibility, and others that require you to be in peak physical condition.

Before you accept a job or participate in any physical activity like sports or gaming, you may be required to submit yourself to a health checkup at a clinic. You might wonder what the point is in taking one if you are a healthy woman. Maybe you think medical professionals do not perform any tasks other than noting down basic information you already know and recorded multiple times.

Why Do Women Need Health Screenings?

If you do not think a health checkup means much, think again. A health checkup can do more than tell you information that you already know. It tells you a lot about yourself, the state of your body, and your capabilities.

A health checkup comprises different tests and procedures to know more about your current condition. Sometimes, specialised screening tests tell you whether you have a high risk of certain diseases. For example, a mammogram screening in Singapore tells you much about your risk of breast conditions. Here are a few other reasons why women should take a health screening.

1)    To avoid doing tasks you cannot handle

Notice that every time you have to do physically demanding tasks, you have to sign waivers or submit yourself to a mandatory health screening. Employers, facilitators, and game managers need to test the participant’s readiness for the tasks they are required to accomplish. If there is anything in your health exam that indicates you cannot do the job, you will save yourself from the potential injuries the job or activity can inflict on you.

2)    To spot potential illnesses before they develop

Men and women sometimes go through separate health screenings. That is because men and women may have higher risks of specific diseases and illnesses.  A healthcare provider might check for different anomalies in your body and see if you have any signs of gender-specific diseases you can get. Get a breast cancer screening in Singapore or a female health checkup every year to avoid the risk of contracting diseases increasing.

3)    To know more about what you are experiencing now

Ask yourself when is the last time you have done a health checkup. A health checkup done five or so years ago will not match your current condition. Your old medical records may be inaccurate. Many women decide to know about their physical condition at least once a year or once a quarter. If you plan to participate in many physical activities, your hosts or organisers should find the most accurate physical fitness record. Only a health checkup that analyses your attributes can provide them with an accurate record.

4)    To compare your old and new records and notice a pattern

Many people are more susceptible to diseases and other conditions due to genetics and other factors that may affect their body. You should keep an eye out for the progression of any diseases that may run in your family. When you compare your medical records, seek a doctor immediately if you start to spot a recognisable pattern. A female health screening package in Singapore allows you to detect breast cancer and other diseases early. You may be able to get to a doctor before anything more serious happens to your health.

5)    To get more updates and information on your record

As you grow up and develop, your health and readiness will change. Just think of children’s checkups and how height and weight values change over time. Even as an adult, your day-to-day health values can change and become obsolete. You need to supply any doctors, organisers, employees, and more with new information that reflects your current medical condition. Any new diseases or conditions developed may pop up during your adult years.

What Do Women Need to Do for a Health Screening?

A-woman-refusing-food-for-her-checkup A health checkup helps gauge how ready you are to do the job. As a woman, you are required to undergo a female health screening to know more about your current state of health. It is a good thing that the ways you need to prepare for the health screen mirror those of men. Here are a few ways you can exercise readiness for your health screening.

1)    You have to fast for at least 2 hours before a health screening

Many physicians request that you refrain from eating for at least twelve hours. The reason for your doctor scheduling your female health screening package in the morning is so that you can fast overnight. If you cannot avoid eating, eat at least two hours before the screening and refrain from eating anything afterwards.

2)    Do not exercise right before your screening

Keeping in shape might be a priority, but exercising before a screening may affect the results and prevent you from achieving the right outcome. It can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure to levels deemed unsafe for certain activities.

3)    Avoid alcohol and caffeine at least a day before the screening

Again, coffee and alcohol are beverages that can influence your blood pressure and other noteworthy aspects of your health. Do not drink or consume any foods which may contain them at least a day before your scheduled appointment.

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