3 Facts About Carb Blocker In Singapore


Understanding your diet is impactful on your health. Losing weight is challenging, as women have different bodies. Plus, childbirth could be one of the reasons for your added weight. Some may drink a weight loss coffee, and the effects are visible, while there are instances where it is ineffective.

It is why consulting first with your dietician is essential. It will also help let you know if you are applicable or qualified for taking a carb blocker in Singapore. Get to know what a carb blocker is with the following facts.

1.  Carb blockers are also known as starch blockers.

The first important thing to know about a carb blocker in Singapore is that it can aid in blocking the enzymes required to digest some carbohydrates. A carb blocker in Singapore can efficiently block the enzymes needed to break down various forms of carbohydrates. Some carb blockers are also marketed as weight-loss supplements because they can aid in weight loss.

Carb blockers are from substances known as alpha-amylase inhibitors, which are present naturally in several meals. Other carb blockers are available as prescription drugs.

2. Carb blockers prevent the digestion of carbohydrates, allowing you to eat without consuming extra calories contributing to weight gain.

It is essential to learn that fruits and dairy products provide simple carbohydrates, but starchy foods like potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, and many more are sources of complex carbohydrates. Your body can process these complex carbs better if you take a sugar and starch blocker. These are the primary causes of excess weight.

If you just went through childbirth, it is understandable that you gained weight, as you provided the nutrients with your baby needs. A lactation drink can eventually help you maintain nutrients for your baby as you slowly lose weight. However, it is essential to understand that you must take it easy with your body. You cannot overwork or stress yourself out. It will be much better if you seek professional advice from a registered dietitian to know what food and drinks to consume.

3. Carb blocker in Singapore slows the absorption rate of complex carbohydrates and aids in controlling blood sugar levels.

Understanding how carb blockers affect your body will help you decide whether or not to use them. The digestive process for complex carbohydrates, which are present in starchy and sugary foods, is intricate. Everything takes place before the body can absorb it, taking longer than the digestion of simple carbohydrates.

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