4 Common Misconceptions About Your Chinese Yoga Instructor


    Yoga is one of the most popular recreational activities among adults. Some do it for relaxation, while others use yoga to maintain a healthy weight and build strong muscles. However, the misconceptions and stereotypes about yoga instructors have prevented people from attendingyoga classes in Singapore.

    Here are the common misconceptions about your Chinese yoga instructor:

    MISCONCEPTION #1: Yoga instructors will convert you to their religion

    Yoga traces its roots in Hinduism. Yoga follows the Hindu tradition, philosophy, and enlightenment. However, modern yoga today is not considered a religious practice or belief system. People attending yoga training courses are free to choose their religion and belief.

    MISCONCEPTION #2: Yoga instructors will convert you to become vegetarian

    Being vegetarian has been tied to yoga sometimes, they call it the yoga lifestyle. In yoga, there is an ancient Indian principle called Ahimsa. It is a non-violence principle that applies to humans and animals. Eating animal products may be interpreted as violence; therefore, yoga teachers and students choose to be vegetarian.

    Nevertheless, yoga does not require everyone to be vegetarian. Some yoga teachers are health geeks who want a healthier lifestyle, ergo becoming vegetarians. So don’t be afraid to hit Google and search for Chinese yoga classes near me.

    MISCONCEPTION #3: Yoga teachers are extremely flexible!

    Some students are afraid to undergo yoga teacher training in Singapore because they think they are not flexible enough to be one. Not every yoga teacher has innate flexibility, but years of doing yoga improve this quality.

    Yoga makes a person more flexible because its movements involve stretching the muscles and improving the movement range of the joints.

    MISCONCEPTION #4: Yoga teachers have a stress-free life

    Yoga teachers instil the practice of serenity, peace, calmness, and meditation, so you may always see them smile.

    But it does not mean they are stress-free or never get angry. Yoga teachers’ patience may be longer, but they have limits, too, like ordinary people.

    Don’t be afraid to take yoga training courses or yoga classes in Singapore.

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